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APRIL 2024 // NEW DESIGNS & WORK-IN-PROGRESS // Hermes and Spirit Vessels

I've been busy working on new things here in the workshop over the past few weeks. A new Hermes / Mercury altar piece has just been completed and available now for commission in the store.

I've also started working on a new project: I wanted to make something completely different and designed an entire series of carvings for spirit work. They're designed as 'spirit-vessels' or 'spirit-houses' and / or as a material base for servitor work. I've got about 8 designs I'm working on and here's the rough carve in solid oak of the first one. A lot of work still to do but going to keep these nice and raw...⁣

Duncan / The Hermetic Workshop
24th April, 2024


#spiritvessel #spirithouse #spiritwork #servitor #woodcarving#occultart #occultpractice #chaosmagic

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