* NEW - Free shipping on all orders worldwide *
* NEW - Free shipping on all orders worldwide *
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Welcome to The Hermetic Workshop; a woodworking studio based here in the heart of rural Dorset, England.

Launched in the Spring of 2020 with the occult practitioner in mind, my aim is to craft bespoke tools and furnishings to aid in your work and to decorate your sacred spaces. The creative impetus behind the workshop was fuelled by my own practice and everything that I make is an extension of that. It is my intention to craft pieces that balance beauty and function which you can connect with through your own use.

I offer custom work tailored to your own praxis; from design through to construction and finish. The workshop is constantly creating; currently presenting altar steles, plaques and patens, devotional items, Hermetic engravings and scrying tables for ceremonial magic. Talismans, Enochian tools, shrines, altars, scrying devices, sigils, lamens, Golden Dawn temple items and much more is in my design book and I'm happy to discuss the realisation of your own projects as my core catalogue grows.

The Hermetic Workshop specialises in wood engraving and carving. The intricate results are achieved with precision engraving and v-bits using a router in the shop. Each piece is made to order and crafted from locally sourced materials -- I prefer working with the beauty of hardwoods such as oak, chestnut, sycamore, walnut and mahogany; whatever is most suitable. All the finishes, from engraving stains to oils and waxes, are also sourced for their natural, non-toxic properties to complement the woods.

On occasion that the finished piece will be painted, such as with Golden Dawn altar tools, heavy MDF may be used as it can hold fine levels of detail which would not be achievable with a grained wood.

Ordering / Time-frames & Delivery

The majority of our catalogue pieces are individually made-to-order. Upon placing an order, I will contact you to discuss the material and then I will get started and craft your items. Completion time is estimated at 2-3 weeks. Once the work is finished, I'll contact you again to arrange delivery. Depending upon size and weight, we will ship worldwide using Royal Mail (Tracked & Signed) or an international courier for larger items.

The Hermetic Workshop now offers free shipping on all orders worldwide. 

Many thanks for your interest in my work.

The Hermetic Workshop
February 2021.