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Altar Icons

THE HERMETIC WORKSHOP is proud to present a series of devotional ALTAR ICONS.


Six months in the making, these devotional illustrations were originally concept sketches for wood carvings but they ended up taking on a life of their own. I made them because I find that a lot of ⁣⁣contemporary images of the Gods, Goddesses and tutelary forces we work with as practitioners are fetishised, too human; more like cartoon characters than vast cosmic forces. With my illustrations I wanted to capture the "Other", the high weirdness, the abstract and primal energies of these divine forms (at least as I experience them)... 

I have created five working images so far that I use myself and that I wanted to make available to like-minded practitioners; Jupiter, Hekate, Mercury / Hermes, Isis and St. Cyprian of Antioch. 

Regarding the creation process : I initially developed the silhouettes for each figure from a series of reference images. Once the general forms appeared I added detail and contrasting line-work, again using copious amounts of source materials, to bring out the details. I spent a lot of time getting all the details just right, adding layers of texture and detail in photoshop until the final piece spoke to me. 

Each Icon is professionally printed at a local fine-arts printers here in the UK and is printed on a premium uncoated, tinted heavy card stock (500 micron board). The print stock is textured with a rough, rustic and weighty feel - and is entirely composed of recycled plant materials. The final finish is absolutely gorgeous and tactile. Suitable for framing, although heavy enough to be displayed on their own.

Each altar icon / devotional print is available in three sizes: a large A3 size and A4. A complete set of five prints in A5 is coming shortly.