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Welcome to The Hermetic Workshop // April 2020

It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to The Hermetic Workshop. Many months in creation, it's now time to unveil. 

Granted, it's not the ideal time to launch a new venture as we head into peak-pandemic internationally. However, working in the shop is my favourite kind of self-isolation, the wood shelves are well stocked and we can still send out orders via mail and courier. So, I hope you enjoy perusing the first pieces I have to offer and that you may find them useful in your own practice. 

I'm currently working on a series of new collections which will be introduced over the coming weeks and months - including a selection of Golden Dawn related tools,  a hardwood scrying pedestal, a selection of Solomonic talismans, a range of shrines and a full-sized ceremonial magic altar. 

Thanks for your interest, drop me a line with any ideas and custom requests and sign up to the newsletter if you're so inclined so I can keep you informed about new creations, the story behind them and the processes I incorporate in my work.

Cheers and be well,

The Hermetic Workshop
April 2nd, 2020


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